PASMA – Mobile Access Towers for Managers

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PASMA – Mobile Access Towers for Managers

PASMA - Access Services Scotland - Tower

About this course

To learn about current legislation, regulations and guidance affecting work at height using mobile access towers method. Our training is carried out by PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association) certified instructors. Our training centre is audited annually by PASMA to ensure we continue to meet the high standards set by PASMA.

What does the course cover?

The course includes the following topics:
  • Current legislation, regulations, and guidance that impact work at height involving mobile access towers
  • The PASMA Code of Practice
  • Procedures for assembling, altering, and dismantling towers
  • Identification of hazards related to using mobile access towers
  • Recommended practices for fall protection
  • Inspection of fully assembled mobile access towers
  • Proper documentation of tower inspection records

Who should participate?

This course is suitable for individuals with responsibilities in the following areas:
  • Supervising on-site operatives
  • Ensuring effective work planning and organization
  • Verifying the competency and training of the workforce involved in the tasks
  • Confirming the correct inspection and maintenance of towers

Certification: Upon successful completion of the Theory and Assessment sessions corresponding to the attended course level, participants will receive a PASMA Certificate and PhotoCard. These credentials are valid for a period of five years.


To secure your spot in the course, please reach out to us or call 01236 435942.

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